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Bienvenidos! My name is Laura Morales, a parent, an educator and an advocate at heart!! In my own journey of pursuit to access education and resources for my child who’s deaf, I decided to create a microschool. My passion is to serve families and their children to access resources to reach their potential. My degree is in Early Childhood and Special Education. As a certified teacher my mission is to create an environment where all languages are welcome and encouraged! Each family is unique and valuable. We focus on the whole child approach. We are committed to providing access to information and greatness to our students through an innovative multilingual environment.


Passion Led Us Here

At Hands2Teach, we believe passion is key to helping learners thrive through having a safe environment. 


Sign Language in Classroom

Hands2Teach allows learners to grow through 1-on-1 and small group learning, which in turn, creates a more personalized experience.


Learning Sign Language

Our learners will be provided the tools to succeed and reach their full potential.

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